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Philip J. Dahlberg, IV Attorney at Dahlberg Law Group

Philip J. Dahlberg, IV

Why is Philip J. Dahlberg, IV consistently ranked in Wisconsin’s top ten and the nation’s top 100 personal injury law attorneys? Why does Phil have over a 99% success rate for his clients? Phil’s primary focus is getting the maximum net recovery (maximum money in your pocket) that you deserve.

Attorney Paul Santilli at Dahlberg Law Group

Paul Santilli

We know when issues of family are at stake, you cannot afford to lose precious time on an inexperienced attorney to handle your case. Paul Santilli has over 20 years of family law experience in Wisconsin.

Attorney Paul Santilli at Dahlberg Law Group

King Tse

King’s primary practice is criminal defense, probation revocation, and extended supervision revocation. He mainly represents clients in high-level felonies including domestic incidents, drug possession, and sex and pornographic-related charges.

Attorney Paul Santilli at Dahlberg Law Group

John D. Dries

Since 1982, John D. Dries has been continuously engaged in the practice of law in the private sector. Not only does he have years of relevant experience, but he is also an expert in a wide breadth of the law. John has been representing clients in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin for 40 years in the areas of family law, business law, personal injury, real estate and criminal law.

Attorney Paul Santilli at Dahlberg Law Group

Steven A. Eichstaedt

Throughout his years of practice, attorney Steven A. Eichstaedt has helped thousands of clients get the bankruptcy protection they deserve. From Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 to all the other financial solutions available to help a client, Steve will take the time needed to help you decide what is best for you.

Attorney Paul Santilli at Dahlberg Law Group

Latrice M. Knighton

Latrice M. Knighton is a divorce and family law attorney who has over 17 years of experience representing men and women. Before becoming a divorce and family law attorney, Knighton worked for the Ohio Senate Minority Caucus. She developed, researched, and lobbied for new laws that benefit men, women, and children who were victims of domestic violence. One such bill, Senate Bill 126, focused on preventing cyberbullying and allowing victims of domestic violence to end their lease agreement or change their locks.

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