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At Dahlberg Law Group, LLC, we understand all of the work and time that goes into running a business. This is why our attorneys are dedicated to putting in their time and expertise to effectively represent your business. With over 20 years of legal experience, we not only have the knowledge and skill to represent you, but we also have the passion and drive for supporting you and your business.

We want your business to grow and succeed. Our legal team is equipped to handle whatever your business’ needs may be, from handling contracts to offering general legal counsel. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation and receive not only high-quality legal advice and support but also the peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

What types of business law do we handle?

Whether you are just starting your business or are already established, our attorneys are ready to take care of your legal needs.

Starting a Business

We understand the amount of time and energy that goes into starting a business. This is why our attorneys are here to provide the legal support you need to get your business up and running. We want your business to succeed and will offer you the best legal advice and services to help you and your business thrive.


Legal contracts are critical to avoiding potential legal disputes. At Dahlberg Law Group, LLC, our attorneys will help you with the entire process of writing, reviewing and negotiating your contract. We will also make sure the contract is enforced so that what is put in writing stays that way.

Buying or Selling A Business

If you are in the market for buying or selling a business, you understand that the process can be long and tedious. Our attorneys are here to answer any questions you may have along the way so you can make the best-informed decisions during the process.

General Legal Counsel

If you are just getting started with your business or have questions, our attorneys are here to offer you legal counsel. Our attorneys will sit down with you and discuss your questions and concerns so that you can be confident in the legal state of your business.

In need of legal consultation for your business? Contact our attorneys today to receive a free consultation with a passionate team that will fight for you and your business.

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Dahlberg Law group was very responsive and professional.   We were going through a tough time and Phil was extremely good at keeping us up to date.  We felt like our questions were always answered and we were extremely pleased at the way Phil navigated through our case. I would highly recommend the Dahlberg Law Group.

Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

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