Bus Accidents

Whether you were riding a bus and were injured or were another vehicle involved in the accident, bus accidents are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Accidents involving public transportation can make the aftermath of recovery and compensation confusing. This is why you need a lawyer on your side who understands Wisconsin law and knows the best strategies to get you the help and compensation you need to recover.

At Dahlberg Law Group, our attorneys have the skills and compassion to effectively handle your case. We will fight to get you the compensation you are entitled to. With over 20 years of experience, our attorneys have the experience and dedication you need to receive the best resolution for your case.


Bus Accidents in Wisconsin

While bus accidents are not as common as car accidents, they can cause serious damage. Unfortunately, for school buses or public transportation, you have no control over who is driving you or your loved ones. While all bus drivers go through training, there are circumstances that can distract them or make driving conditions unsafe. Also, other cars on the road are subject to the same distractions, and another car’s irresponsible driving could also be the cause of a bus accident.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents have similar causes as car accidents. However, they can become even more dangerous due to the larger size of a bus and the number of passengers aboard. Below are examples of common causes of bus accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Not yielding the right of way
  • Losing control of the bus or vehicle
  • Following other vehicles or a bus too closely
  • Mechanical problems
  • Failing to follow traffic signs

How to Recover from a Bus Accident

It can be difficult to determine who is liable for a bus accident, especially if you are a passenger on the bus. The driver at fault may not be the person liable for the accident. The bussing company or even the school district may be held liable instead of the actual driver.

You will likely have to file a personal injury claim or an insurance claim if you are involved in a bus accident. Hiring an experienced attorney is your best chance at receiving compensation for your case. In doing so, you will have a professional on your side who will investigate your case and figure out who is responsible, who is liable and what the next steps of your case should be. Our attorneys at Dahlberg Law Group have the skills and passion to represent you and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

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