Pedestrian Accidents

There are still dangers on the road when you are not in a car. Even if you are careful and follow all the correct procedures when crossing the street, such as using a crosswalk, looking both ways and being aware of your surroundings, you can still be the victim of an accident. Pedestrian car accidents are deadly. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a pedestrian car accident, you need an attorney who will fight to get you the best resolution for your case.

Our attorneys at Dahlberg Law Group understand the seriousness of pedestrian car accidents. With over 30 years of experience, our team of attorneys has worked with a variety of cases and is well equipped to represent you. We will not rest until you get the justice you deserve.


Causes of Pedestrian Car Accidents

Reckless driving is the main cause of pedestrian car accidents. Whether a driver fails to comply with road signals or they are driving while intoxicated, there are multiple ways an accident can happen.

Parking lots can also be dangerous places for pedestrians. It is the driver’s responsibility to watch for pedestrians and make sure it is safe before pulling into a spot or backing out. Driveways are another place where accidents tend to happen as drivers fail to see a pedestrian crossing the road or sidewalk as they back out. Pedestrians have the right of way when walking through a crosswalk, but unfortunately, drivers will even fail to yield when pedestrians are crossing the street lawfully.

Even in jaywalking scenarios, drivers still need to be aware of their surroundings for the safety of those around them.

How to Recover from Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrian car accidents can lead to fatal injuries. If you are involved in a pedestrian car accident, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Your health and safety are your top priority.

Hiring a personal injury attorney should be your next step. In doing so, you will have the expertise and aid from someone who understands your situation and how to help you through it. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries and any further difficulties the accident has caused you. By hiring an experienced attorney from Dahlberg Law Group, you can be confident you will not only receive the best legal representation in Wisconsin but also get the compensation you need.

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Wisconsin Attorneys Protecting Pedestrians

At Dahlberg Law Group, we are dedicated to protecting you and your safety. Our attorneys will work diligently to help you through your recovery from a pedestrian car accident. We are an experienced and passionate team of attorneys that have the skills and compassion needed to provide you with the best representation in Wisconsin.

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