Philip J. Dahlberg, IV

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Wisconsin Top 10 & USA Top 100

Personal Injury Attorneys

Philip J. Dahlberg, IV Attorney at Dahlberg Law Group

Why is Philip J. Dahlberg, IV consistently ranked in Wisconsin’s top ten and the nation’s top 100 personal injury law attorneys? Why does Phil have over a 99% success rate for his clients? Phil’s primary focus is getting the maximum net recovery (maximum money in your pocket) that you deserve. Phil has been practicing personal injury law since 2000. How does his experience affect you?

  • His solid reputation means more attorneys and insurance companies are willing to settle out of court for a maximum settlement because they know he has built a solid case for you like he does with all of his cases
  • His taking the time to prepare your case as if it is going to trial means more attorneys and insurance companies are willing to settle out of court for a maximum settlement because they can see they are unlikely to win
  • His extensive trial experience means you are likely to win maximum settlement in court if the other side is not willing to negotiate favorably out of court

A Different Kind of Personal Injury Attorney

Philip J. Dahlberg, IV personally represents each and every one of his clients; not a law clerk or a paralegal. As one of the founding partners, he feels it is important to always partner with his clients, not just represent them in court. Phil says, “When you partner with us, you partner with us for life.”

Phil starts by listening to his client’s goals and objectives then implements a plan to get there. Every case is different, but his focus never changes. Phil uses his experience and training to determine the best strategy to maximize your recovery, to maximize what you get in your pocket, whether it’s by settling in the claims stage or even occasionally taking the case to trial.

Phil points out it is not wise to try a settlement and build a case later. Many big law firms will run to a quick settlement, but that often means leaving up to 30% off the table, in other words, the people that have harmed you get to keep thousands of dollars because your case is not given the personalized attention that it needs.

What excites Philip J. Dahlberg, IV about practicing law is that he has the knowledge, experience, and tools to get his clients the best possible results. It feels good to see people get what they deserve and Phil does not charge a penny until there is a settlement.

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